mirror/depotmonorepo for the virus lounge2 days
mirror/flipdot-gschichtlermessage queue system for OpenLab's flipdot display4 months
mirror/nixpkgsNix packages collection4 hours
mirror/vuizvuiNix(OS) expressions used by the OpenLab and its members38 hours
spacecookiegopher server (and library for Haskell)6 months
buchstabensuppetoy font rendering for low pixelcount, high contrast displays4 months
emoji-genericgeneric emoji library for Haskell12 months
grav2ty“realistic” 2d space game2 years
haskell-dot-timeUTC-centric time library for haskell with dot time support21 months
mirror/sanetermmodern line-oriented terminal emulator without support for TUIs4 months
gopher-proxyGopher over HTTP proxy4 months
likely-musicexperimental application for probabilistic music composition7 weeks
logbookfile format for keeping a personal log3 years
sternenblogfile based cgi blog software4 months